York City Community of Hope

York City Community of Hope

Cultivating Hope and Well-Being in Children, Families, and Communities


A vibrant community in need

The Hannah Penn neighborhood is rich with culture, diversity, and an entrepreneurial spirit. It is peppered with evidence of the arts, historic architecture, and a recent birth of community cohesion between neighbors and business owners.


However, there are a staggering number of reports of child abuse and neglect, coupled with an alarming number of children who are placed outside of their homes. Small, concerned discussions, led by Casey Family Programs, turned into a collaborative effort between the County of York, the School District of the City of York and Communities In Schools of PA. The final result, based on a number of data points, was the decision to build a Community of Hope.

What followed were rigorous and crucial conversations that helped us to better understand the strengths and needs of our community. At York City Community of Hope, our goal is to partner with existing community services to bridge gaps and build protective capacities to promote positive change within our families.

Ultimately, creating an evolution of hope right here in our neighborhood.

The Evolution of Hope Begins With You

Every child in America deserves a Community of Hope.

A Community of Hope is a powerful place. It is a place where:

  • Residents raise their hands and say, "I will stand with you and be the hope you need to reach your dreams."

  • Businesses see beyond the bottom line to the promise and potential in every young person and family that walks through their doors.

  • People recognize that every family, no matter the conditions they live in, wants the absolute best future for their children.

  • Government is a partner with the community in providing the support and services that can change a life.

  • Every child wakes up knowing that they aren't invisible and someone sees in them the potential to achieve their dreams.

Thank you to our partners!

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